When Should I Put My Invitations in the Mail?

Wedding season is in full swing! If you are getting married this summer you should have your invites out by now. If not then they should be and this post is for you and anyone with an upcoming wedding.

I am always asked “when do I need to have my invitations in the mail?” so I wanted to share some helpful guidelines with you that apply to any event.

First you need a date. Once you have that set your off to the races. But before you can put your invitations in the mailbox you have to order your invitations. If you are ordering them online, from a designer like me, or even doing them yourself you should give yourself 3 – 4 weeks from your event date so you don’t have to rush. This leaves enough time to order in any special papers, design print and delivery to you. Once that is complete you can get everything stuffed and ready for the mail, which I always recommend 6-8 weeks out from your event date. This gives guest’s enough time to clear their calendar and book time off to attend your event.

If you follow these steps you should have everything completed without any added stress. Here is my 5-step checklist in a nutshell. Happy Planning,
5 Steps to getting your invitations in the mail:

  1. Set your date
  2. Meet with a designer, stationer, order papers and embellishments (12 weeks out)
  3. Proof your invitations, review the design, get them printed, and stuffed into your envelopes (9 – 11 weeks out)
  4. Put invitations in the mail (6 – 8 weeks out)
  5. Wait on your RSVP’s (should be requested back to you 4 weeks out)